Announcement Date: Mar. 7, 2018
Effective Date: Mar. 14, 2018

AhnLab, Inc. (“Company”) thinks highly of protection of personal information and has in place the following policies to protect your personal information and attend to your complaints related to personal information.

1. Collection and Use of Personal Information

V3 Mobile Security, in general, does not collect your personal information, except for the information belonging to the following category for the limited purpose of preserving records for resolving disputes and handling customer complaints.

Collected Category

  • Phone number, name, e-mail address

Method of Collection

  • Wire and wireless phone, email

2. Possession and Use of Personal Information

Company will destroy any personal information collected for the purpose of handling grievance promptly upon achieving such purpose, provided that if it is necessary to preserve the information pursuant to the relevant laws or regulations, Company may preserve the personal information for the period stipulated in the relevant regulation.

3. Procedure and Method of Destroying Personal Information

Company will promptly destroy any collected information once the purpose of collection is achieved. Any personal information preserved as an electronic file will be completely erased using technical methods that cannot reproduce records.

4. Providing Personal Information to Third Parties

Company will use your personal information only to the extent we have notified you with respect to the collection and use of personal information. In principle, Company will not provide your personal information to a third party, except for the following instances:

  • If you have provided prior consent;
  • If required by the relevant laws or if the investigation authority demands the disclosure of information for the purpose of investigation in accordance with procedures and methods prescribed by law.

5. Entrusting the Handling of Collected Personal Information

Company entrusts the handling of collected personal information to the following company for the purpose of handling grievances such as complaints and consulting customers.

Entrusted Company
Entrusted Company Entrusted Work
Hyosung ITX Handling of customer grievance, including consultation and complaints

6. Services and Support Regarding Personal Information

Company has designated the following personnel to protect your personal information and handle any grievance related to personal information.

Responsible Person, Managing Person
  Responsible Person Managing Person
Department Management Support Department Information Protection Team
Name/Position Baek-Min Sung, Chief Manager, Jae-Suk Park, Team Leader
Tel 82-31-722-8122

You may report your grievance related to personal information in connection with your use of V3 Mobile at the above contact information. Company will provide a prompt response to any matter reported. Please note however that when the handling of grievance ends, any information collected will immediately be destroyed, so no inspection, modification or deletion of the collected information could occur.

7. Measures to Ensure Safety of Personal Information for Protection

Company is taking management, technical and physical protection measures necessary for ensuring the safety of personal information.